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Last week was the launch of the new VOLKSWAGEN car, the UP! and for that ocasion, it was created a new space, that will have concerts, movie screenings, right in the center of Lisboa ( Av. da Liberdade, right next to cinema S. Jorge) where i have a big illustration featured on the space!
it was an adventure this project, with a tight schedule and lots of characters to do, it took a while to paint this 6×2 m pannel but i was super glad with the end result!

check out the UP! pop up store and the cool events going on for the next month, the car is awesome, so is the space!

thanks again my love Angela for the patience, for struggling with the cold, for helping me on each step of the project and for looking so damn cool with a glass of wine!
by the way, here´s a fun (not so much at the time) fail during the work in progress…somebody forgot to take off the protective layer, we only figured that out at the middle of the process,hahaah!



Last Saturday was the opening os the JOIO exhibition, it was really stressfull to set all up in time, finish my piece during the night, but it was a lot of fun and the show was a sucess, lots of people, media, friends and cool strangers, good food and good wine!         You can visit the show until tomorrow, March 13th!

Here´s  my piece, “Keep Things In Perspective”, had a lot of fun doing it, with the huge help from my parner in crime Kruella, it was really cool to see people´s reaction and seeing them trying to figure it out was great…


This Thursday, February 10th is the opening of “Tianguis de Arte”on the cool CMTV Gallery in Barcelona, where i will show an artwork on a very nice collective show featuring emerging artists and some big guns from the art scene in Barcelona!

had a lot of fun with this artwork, “recycled” from the streets, just a preview for now, but if you are around here, don´t forget to support and have a cold beer…on the house!



A Celebration of August
London Design Festival 2010
23rd September – 27th September
CIty Arts and Music Project
“Returning for its third year, Mortar&Pestle invite thirty-one emerging Artists and Designers to produce their own interpretation of a day in August as part of the London Design Festival 2010.
‘A Celebration’ is an exhibition that offers an identity to every single day of the month, producing a poster collective that displays a unique insight into the period of August.
Exhibitors are assigned a date of the month and asked to design a poster about that specific day. The exhibition covers a variety of creative disciplines and mediums providing a range of personalised approaches.
In a design industry heavily dependent on digital printing processes each exhibitor has been asked to craft their poster using more traditional printing methods like screenprinting, letterpress and embossing.”
The exhibitors:
Akacorleone, Bill Porter, Birch Studio, André Ljosaj, Lucy Brown, Thibaud Herem, Matt Kerrs, Peter Robertson, Paul Jenkins, Andre Beato, Eleanor Sugget, Nina Reisinger, Luke Archer, David Marsh, Matt Williams, Tom Lovell, Varvara Zaytseva, Strive for Happiness, Evelin Kasikov, Ghazaal Vojdani, James Dawe, Laura Yates, Loligo, Fraser Lyness, Scott Joseph, Francisco Freitas, Pedro Meade, Anna-Luise Lorenz, Stefano Conzatti & Christina Helfenstein, Cian O’Sullivan, Joep Jacobs.
I have the honor of starting the show with my poster from August 1st, “DEAD or ALIVE”,
don´t miss it!
more photos soon…