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USE LESS /// JOIO EXHIBITION at EXPERIMENTA!                                              Until November 27th.

O que ontem era tecnologia de ponta, hoje é uma pirâmide de lixo. Vivemos numa sociedade consumista que nos incentiva a acumular objectos, um contraste entre a obsessão de nos arruinarmos na compra do produto mais moderno e o desprezo total por objectos que rapidamente se tornam obsoletos, inúteis.
A intervenção procura mostrar esta realidade em que uma perspectiva distorcida rapidamente se torna clara, sendo tudo uma questão de ponto de vista.
O espaço onde se insere a JOIO não podia ser mais oportuno, o Tribunal da Boa Hora, outrora um símbolo do poder da sociedade moderna, da justiça, hoje é um edifício devoluto, abandonado, esquecido por não se adequar aos parâmetros da mesma.
What yesterday was high technology, today is a pyramid of garbage. We live in a consumerist society that encourages us to accumulate objects, a contrast between the obsession of ruining ourselves with  the purchase of the most modern product and the complete disregard for items that quickly become obsolete, useless.
The intervention seeks to show this reality in which a distorted perspective quickly becomes clear, since everything is a matter of point of view.
The Court of Boa Hora,once a symbol of power in modern society, of justice, today is a building vacant, abandoned, forgotten for not fitting the parameters of this same society which makes this builing the most appropriate place to display an intervention with this theme.


This has been a crazy week but my latest artwork is finally finished!
so many logistic problems for starters, we had to find tons of useless technologic objects, bring them to Lisbon, carry them to a second floor that looked like we were climbing  the stairs of that lord of the rings castle, to be on a very beautiful but closed space painting all the objects for 5 days, i can honestly say that my lungs are now in rojo fiebre color. The space is amazing, the old building of the Court of Boa Hora, a decay building full of abandoned court rooms, old files spread all over, a writers delight…

first step was done after a few long days, but then both our laptops got sabotaged by lazy battery chrgers, and then we got the horrible news, we had no video projector…
thanks to the fine gents from UAT, we got some oldshool flavor retroprojector that was good enough for the circle but not for the lettering, the nightmare had returned!

well, after lots of stressful moments, we finally got this piece finished, not thanks to the evil lord of the court of Boa Hora, aka the ugly girl with the moustache…

Thank you my love for all the hard work and patience for my panic attacks*

September 28th don´t miss the opening of JOIO and of the Experimenta Design Festival!

Amazing poster artwork by Kruella!



Last Saturday was the opening os the JOIO exhibition, it was really stressfull to set all up in time, finish my piece during the night, but it was a lot of fun and the show was a sucess, lots of people, media, friends and cool strangers, good food and good wine!         You can visit the show until tomorrow, March 13th!

Here´s  my piece, “Keep Things In Perspective”, had a lot of fun doing it, with the huge help from my parner in crime Kruella, it was really cool to see people´s reaction and seeing them trying to figure it out was great…