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sunny afternoon…

sometimes we need to get away from computers, facebook, emails, work and just have fun with no pressures, no deadlines, just good company and a sunny afternoon.



last days without rain.




In this epic struggle to become a successful illustrator, i´m always looking for the best way to do it without pyramid schemes or selling my soul to satan…
There´s no better way to do it, than being bold and showing new, shiny, cool, crazy works using an ancient shaolin tecnique of SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!
When times are tough, and when i feel like i´m running against the odds, the only way to live from my passion is to work my ass off and show it proudly to the world, so enjoy and spread the message…

be prepared for the real deal coming soon!

collab work with the new George Lucas, I AM FROM LX!

C1 barbecue level 2!

all weekend grilling meat, drinking beer and painting with my girl…it doesn´t get better than this!

hello LASER BCN!

Just before i left Barcelona, i had the chance to visit my friend Justo and the headquarters of LASER, one of the coolest graffiti lifestyle brands…it was dope as hell to see the process, space and products that they create from beggining to end in house, with a team of super talented artists, screenprinters, and simply nice fellas from Barcelona!

the studio…

thank you guys for the tour, the goodies and for receiving me so well in Barcelona, see you soon!

ps: check their dope collab with Goodfellas that is almost sold out!

yellow bastard x spring

yellow bastard x spring. gotta love these days…


today what makes is fun for me is to find these super trashed places, treating the wall like a sketchbook, just doing what i´m in the mood for, paint with her, see her style develop every time she does another piece, seeing her having fun too, taking nice pictures, and tag the whole place up….

nice way to start 2011, with big love for trash!