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sunny afternoon…

sometimes we need to get away from computers, facebook, emails, work and just have fun with no pressures, no deadlines, just good company and a sunny afternoon.



Dope afternoon!

late arrival at the spot, after a complicated trip to the suburbs of Bcn, passing through some pretty ass kicking giant pieces from Aryz and Grito, Didi flirting with a water drooling teenager on the bus, Angela making friends with a senior lady but finally we met Faif (after 2 hours waiting for us, sorry dude) who was hangover like it was january 1st…i admit i wasn´t prepared to run when the cans store owner´s crazy dog started to escape from the store, showing his master who´s the boss…

finally we started painting, nice weather, Didi creating a time portal to the unknown, Kosh chilling like he knows best, Faif crossing over a piece that was looking very promissing, but hey, hangover painting can be stressing, finally he did a pimp gangasta rapper character in the middle of the dark goth pieces with a unicorn missing and(in my oppinion) Angela bitch slapping me with this Kruella logo while i was trying to get all picasso cubist fase on a lazy saturday, bad idea…

anyway, it was a really cool afternoon, no pressure, just good clean fun!

thanks to Faif for the patience and for inviting us, and for the portuguese fellas for the company…also nice meeting Magico!

next time we´ll be there sooner!










last week´s freestyle, having some fun on our studio´s black board wall…