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Some time ago i was invited along with Kruella D´Enfer to participate ina a massive collective show created by a collective called ORFEU, which i had never heard about before, so it looked cool, but i had no expectations about it…

I had planned only to show screenprints from previous shows, but i got “dragged” by Angela´s creative fever and ended up showing 2 new pieces which where fun as hell to make, and some one of a kind greeting cards, yeah, i stole the idea from her cards…

First off all, the space is amazing, a two floors huge old warehouse, in the center of Lisboa, so it was really impressive to see it filling up as the night went on!
The event was dope as hell, showing amazing artists, starting with some nice lectures from Dj Ride and Alva but the rest of the night dedicated to sushi, moscatel and partying with loads of friends who showed up, as a cool line up of djs gave a nice soundtrack to a great night!
congrats fellas, i want to see more of this!



Here it is…my riot van!

this one was a fighter, but it came out as i intended to, an absolute mess, like my mind is right now,hahah!

you can check it along with 44 more VW vans made by awesome artists, at Ó! Galeria, on the cool city of Porto!

here´s the poster…


Saturday, December 3rd i´ll be showing a cool artwork made on an old VW van toy, along with other 43 vans from 43 amazing artists such as Kruella D´Enfer, Gemma Correll, Pedro Zamith and much more, so don´t miss this awesome show at Ó! Galeria on the cool city of Porto!

photos of the piece and opening coming soon!



great opening night for the CMTV´s opening of “Tianguis D´Arte” a collective show in which i was featured, full of people, almost impossivle to enter, here are some photos of the work shown from a mix of emerging artists and living legends of Barcelona art scene…

and finally my work…


The MAGA Show was a hit, lots of people showed up, nice friendly environment and really cool illustrations were submited, in a gallery that is an amazing space!



Here´s a sneak peek of my latest poster created exclusively for the ROUNDSQUARE´s first anniversary exhibition!

There will be a limited edition print of the artworks shown there, so don´t sleep!

// Lançamento RSQ Limited Jewls ‘Volume Series’
// Bicycle AlleyCat ’00h’

// Street Exhibition com / Aka Corleone / Hesp / Mattieux / Min / Montana Lx Crew / Supa / Phomer / Tagas / Time

// Dj Sets by / Mr Cheeks & Supa (Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa ’21h – 01h’ / Cimento (O 36 Bar ’23h – 03h’)

Don´t miss it, looks like a fun time!


He-man and the Masters of the Universe is without a doubt one of my all time favorite cartoons of my childhood so when i saw this amazing collective exhibit i went nuts!

check he whole artwork collection