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amor cañas amigos tapas colores calor mojitos comics calle arte  y más amor.


hello LASER BCN!

Just before i left Barcelona, i had the chance to visit my friend Justo and the headquarters of LASER, one of the coolest graffiti lifestyle brands…it was dope as hell to see the process, space and products that they create from beggining to end in house, with a team of super talented artists, screenprinters, and simply nice fellas from Barcelona!

the studio…

thank you guys for the tour, the goodies and for receiving me so well in Barcelona, see you soon!

ps: check their dope collab with Goodfellas that is almost sold out!


great opening night for the CMTV´s opening of “Tianguis D´Arte” a collective show in which i was featured, full of people, almost impossivle to enter, here are some photos of the work shown from a mix of emerging artists and living legends of Barcelona art scene…

and finally my work…


This Thursday, February 10th is the opening of “Tianguis de Arte”on the cool CMTV Gallery in Barcelona, where i will show an artwork on a very nice collective show featuring emerging artists and some big guns from the art scene in Barcelona!

had a lot of fun with this artwork, “recycled” from the streets, just a preview for now, but if you are around here, don´t forget to support and have a cold beer…on the house!


she´s here even when she´s not.

Nice time painting with Monster and Mpid, no pressure, just clean fun, even if it was hard to paint at night because we where to lazy to get out of the couch…

no need to say that i kick some serious ass playing fifa…but i say it anyway!


Dope afternoon!

late arrival at the spot, after a complicated trip to the suburbs of Bcn, passing through some pretty ass kicking giant pieces from Aryz and Grito, Didi flirting with a water drooling teenager on the bus, Angela making friends with a senior lady but finally we met Faif (after 2 hours waiting for us, sorry dude) who was hangover like it was january 1st…i admit i wasn´t prepared to run when the cans store owner´s crazy dog started to escape from the store, showing his master who´s the boss…

finally we started painting, nice weather, Didi creating a time portal to the unknown, Kosh chilling like he knows best, Faif crossing over a piece that was looking very promissing, but hey, hangover painting can be stressing, finally he did a pimp gangasta rapper character in the middle of the dark goth pieces with a unicorn missing and(in my oppinion) Angela bitch slapping me with this Kruella logo while i was trying to get all picasso cubist fase on a lazy saturday, bad idea…

anyway, it was a really cool afternoon, no pressure, just good clean fun!

thanks to Faif for the patience and for inviting us, and for the portuguese fellas for the company…also nice meeting Magico!

next time we´ll be there sooner!

BCN misses HER.

it´s just not fun without you.