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want this back.




and here´s Évora…


More or less one month ago i was invited along Kruella and a really nice group of young artists to show some illustrations in Évora, at a beautiful gallery!

some times these shows can be boring because we send some works and sometimes we get pictures of the opening, but that´s it. This time was different, all the artists were invited to come and stay for a few days in this chilled out town in Alentejo, the group was awesome, the organisation was a bunch of nice people and we even had a mascott, the cool cow MU!
the show was super nice, we made new connections, had the chance of showing some less known works and honestly, it felt like mini vacations!

thank you a lot MU guys and thank you fellow artists for the good time!

ps: some of the prints you see from me and Kruella will be available very soon at the STEPPIN STONE shop!


Last week was the launch of the new VOLKSWAGEN car, the UP! and for that ocasion, it was created a new space, that will have concerts, movie screenings, right in the center of Lisboa ( Av. da Liberdade, right next to cinema S. Jorge) where i have a big illustration featured on the space!
it was an adventure this project, with a tight schedule and lots of characters to do, it took a while to paint this 6×2 m pannel but i was super glad with the end result!

check out the UP! pop up store and the cool events going on for the next month, the car is awesome, so is the space!

thanks again my love Angela for the patience, for struggling with the cold, for helping me on each step of the project and for looking so damn cool with a glass of wine!
by the way, here´s a fun (not so much at the time) fail during the work in progress…somebody forgot to take off the protective layer, we only figured that out at the middle of the process,hahaah!


Few things in life top the feeling you get when you put your hands on a book you´re featured on…
Well this was no exception, i´ve been waiting for this book for a while now, i was still in Barcelona when i got the invitation to participate on a book collecting some of the most exciting screenprint projects around the globe, featuring such masters as Shepard Fairey, Little Friends of Printmaking, Gary Taxali and much more of my idols, so when it arrived this morning i was happy as a kid on christmas morning unwrapping the package from London…
grab one here!


Some time ago i was invited along with Kruella D´Enfer to participate ina a massive collective show created by a collective called ORFEU, which i had never heard about before, so it looked cool, but i had no expectations about it…

I had planned only to show screenprints from previous shows, but i got “dragged” by Angela´s creative fever and ended up showing 2 new pieces which where fun as hell to make, and some one of a kind greeting cards, yeah, i stole the idea from her cards…

First off all, the space is amazing, a two floors huge old warehouse, in the center of Lisboa, so it was really impressive to see it filling up as the night went on!
The event was dope as hell, showing amazing artists, starting with some nice lectures from Dj Ride and Alva but the rest of the night dedicated to sushi, moscatel and partying with loads of friends who showed up, as a cool line up of djs gave a nice soundtrack to a great night!
congrats fellas, i want to see more of this!


this one was to the last minute but it was worth the while as it made us visit Porto and attend the opening of SABICHÃO, a super collective show that i was invited along with Kruella D´Enfer, Oker, Braulio Amado, Salão Coboi and much more dope artists to show some works inspired by this amazing old school board game…

The opening was cool as hell, the rain didn´t stop people from attending the show, it was nice to meet new artists, eat that amazing cake and drink wine while i tried to understand where could i eat the best francesinha in town…
we hope to be there again soon, thanks a lot Dama Aflita for the invitation!


chegada em stress na véspera da inauguração.
dama aflita em contrução.
caricaturas feitas por um gajo sem dentes?
bela francesinha no Piolho (quando és turista não te importas com os bêbados ó Stray!)
licôr beirão au lait.
a invictus é fixe, mas dormir por cima das colunas da disco é pa malta de barba rija…
croissant & cappuccino na Majestic!
chuva é para meninos.
levar a cana no Lello & irmãos.
rua galeria de paris ftw.
Ó galeria, gostamos!
a carrinha desapareceu.
melhor cheesecake do hemisfério norte.
o banksy é tripeiro.
5 fanzines depois, estamos satisfeitos.
a carrinha aptita, a malta diz adeus.
há sabichões para todos os gostos, vinhaça e um bolo digno de referência…
mais uma francesinha pó caminho, sem o charme do Piolho mas caprichada  na mesma.
obrigado à malta “do norte”, somos sempre bem recebidos!

soube bem ir ao Porto passear, já procuramos novas razões para lá voltar!