This has been a crazy week but my latest artwork is finally finished!
so many logistic problems for starters, we had to find tons of useless technologic objects, bring them to Lisbon, carry them to a second floor that looked like we were climbing  the stairs of that lord of the rings castle, to be on a very beautiful but closed space painting all the objects for 5 days, i can honestly say that my lungs are now in rojo fiebre color. The space is amazing, the old building of the Court of Boa Hora, a decay building full of abandoned court rooms, old files spread all over, a writers delight…

first step was done after a few long days, but then both our laptops got sabotaged by lazy battery chrgers, and then we got the horrible news, we had no video projector…
thanks to the fine gents from UAT, we got some oldshool flavor retroprojector that was good enough for the circle but not for the lettering, the nightmare had returned!

well, after lots of stressful moments, we finally got this piece finished, not thanks to the evil lord of the court of Boa Hora, aka the ugly girl with the moustache…

Thank you my love for all the hard work and patience for my panic attacks*

September 28th don´t miss the opening of JOIO and of the Experimenta Design Festival!

Amazing poster artwork by Kruella!



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