Last weekend ended my last group show, WINE TALKS & ARTS, the event was amazing, with cool artists, great wine and a beautiful gallery!

i set a big challenge for myself on this exhibition, i got the idea to create a 4×2 meter wood pannel engraved with some machines i had never seen before, on a technique i had never worked in my life and for making it even more interesting, i drew a puzzle like lettering to illustrate on the pannel…

thanks to the huge help from Claudio Cigarro and my partner in crime Kruella (who had quite a challenge herself for this show), i got to start and finish this artwork on 4 days, stressfull as hell, i won some bruses, not much sleep, multiple problems along the way, but the final result was worth the while, the feedback was awesome and now i look forward to work on this technique again!
photos of the exhibition very soon…

thanks Cigarro and Angela!



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