A new and very exciting chapter is about to begin as me and Angela just joined the SERES creative modules!

This project is rising from some great creative minds based in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal and the aim is to create a very inspiring space for all kind of artists, designers, creative people for a very affordable price as it also provides the plattform for workshops, conferences, a new and very unique gallery space as this project is located on an ancient cereal factory, with an industrial and very particular vibe, becoming a source of inspiration to us.

SERES has just begun but expect great things from this project, Angela has already occupied a module, i will join her soon, so stay tuned for more news!


2 responses to “THE FUTURE IS HERE!

  1. fui lá ver ao SERES… muito bom!!!!…. viva as boas ideias!!!!!!!!! vou traduzir para inglês:… OH Yeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!! hihiihih

  2. Ola Pedro,
    ça a l’air très excitant tout ça. J’aime beaucoup le post sur ta sérigraphie.
    Tu es toujours à Barça? Que fait Angela, elle est artiste?

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