love these days…

idea from kruella, i just tried to follow, can´t wait for more of this!

ps:graffiti on lsd always works!

3 responses to “FROM OUTER SPACE!

  1. hey corle1,
    leave your love out of your pieces, it doesn’t fit you guys styles.
    welcome back kruella

  2. hey sami i respect your opinion, but this is exactly how i like it…

    for me painting right now, more than style, what i look for is the fun about it…style is about persona taste, you may like my style or not, but if i had fun doing it, thats all that matters…

  3. yo corle,
    no doubt about the necessity of fun when painting (cause rocking can become obsessive, trust me), but i was not talking about the style (the piece), but more about the style of the wall, you understand?
    nothing said against a heart-tag, but made on a seperate wall, documented through a good photo is delivering much more atmosphere and hooks better.
    i don’t want to persuade you to nothing..

    no doubt much love to bcn from frankfurt

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