There´s no place like LONDON.

62 hours of pure joy.

3172 km, give or take.

50cl of capuccino.

31 pounds for the train tickets, ouch.

9 tube rides.

275 stations.

85 rain drops.

1 squirrel.

23 ducks.

17 fixies.

328 books i want from magma.

14:45 looking at Big Ben.

5 stops to Covent Garden.

6 dumb, drunk and extremely annoying super dragões at the plain back home.

2 tickets really soon to go back to London with more time please.


3 responses to “There´s no place like LONDON.

  1. Magma, aquele classico londrino.
    Já lá não vou a longs 🙂

  2. Coochie leva a taça… E devia de ser LoveThyVagina, lol

  3. grande repooooort!!! muito bom

    😛 já fiz um pequeno post a fazer pub da exposição 😀 gogogoogogogog gooood luck

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