i present you Cantinflas Rides With Style, the coaster brake bicycle i costumized for my girlfriend!

this is the most fun work i did lately, chosing the parts, built by the cool guys from Ciclone, and finally, giving it my personal touch with some nice illustrations and typography around the frame and fork…Now i can´t wait to create one for me and if things go well, for other people too!

so, if you like this and look for a custom and original bicycle, go ahead and contact me!


  1. This looks so awesome! What kind of pens did you use?

  2. SO COOLLLL!! Lucky girl!

  3. vi o quadro ao vivo ainda tava la na ciclone e tava um ganda abuso.
    assim depois de montada ficou ainda mais abuso.


  4. I also wonder what markers/paint is used, and what they sprayed over it to make it hold and not scratch off.

    Nice fixie!

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