yesterday, as i was seeing Bonga (king of african music) getting all emotional with his songs being remixed, i caught a glimpse of a dude wearing a t-shirt looking very similar to one of my designs, but i thought, naaaah, it´s just my imagination…

later that night i had the chance to see it a lot closer and come on…is it just me or this design was completely ripped off my Eternal Bond t- shirt design?

(even the colors are the same…)


7 responses to “COPYCAT?

  1. É mistura da tua cena com Mafia kafri..
    Ainda ontem falámos destas cenas…

  2. Já foste, o dele é africa e isso dá logo o mesmo street credit que fazeres um graf do bob no gheto.
    Rip off Win

  3. realmente é roubadíssimo…até a coroa em vermelho, dá logo a cana toda.

    nunca fui a bola com essa t’shirt de EB para ser franco, mas é uma ideia fixe e dou valor à banda por ter apostado em ti e em cenas diferentes do que habitualmente se vê no hardcore.

  4. j’ai trop aimé ton article sur Sell-out Industries 🙂 Très beau design et illustrations!!
    Beijinhos P. !

  5. yeah that’s a bummer. people always get whats coming for them though, your work is authentic and you’re talented, let fate do the rest!

  6. Hi there!
    I’m the designer who has done the “FAZUMA” Africa Logo.
    I understand what you mean or felling about it, but I can say the same! I’ve done it one year ago… just for you understand, FAZUMA means “do a (think)”… my interpretation was “do an Africa” because FAZUMA brand is related with all the Africa world/mood… that’s why! So, FAZUMA is the King of Africa, that’s why I used the Crown too… as per I can see, your design is not about Africa, or not using Africa Continent shape even! About the colors… the main one it’s Red and Yellow… this one is a secondary version. Why this kind of colors? Because inside of Africa, FAZUMA is more related with Angola, and the colors of the Flag are: Black, Red and Yellow! The Black and Red combination was originally made by you? I don’t think so!
    If my design didn’t have just the crown, you didn’t notice any relation… and as per I know, “everyone” uses Crowns on theirs designs, if makes sense, of course! Is this an original shape made by you? I don’t think so!
    I’m very sad to hear that “this is completely ripped of your work” because is not! Do you have this T-Shirt in Portugal, yes? So pay more attention to the things you’re saying! You’re not the center of the universe! I can say absolutely the same, that your design was ripped my mine!
    What I can say is that it’s a big coincidence, nothing more! I would like, as a designer, to have this Logo design as an unique piece of art and that doesn’t exist anything closer to, but it seams not! 😦 to bad for me as well!

  7. Roda, instead of getting excuses go practice your english first.
    AKACORLEONE rules. RODA, rip someone else off.

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