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Poster for July 2: “Pick Yourself Up”

“July 2nd was a rough day for me as i had a set back on my plans to start a Masters in Lausanne Switzerland, bringing me down at first and seeing my future messed up…
But i soon found out that everything happens for a reason and this was actually good for me, with new projects appearing!

This Poster reflects this duality between good and bad moments in life, being the idea that the poster has two “sides” and it can be shown one way or the other, depending on how you feel about life at one particular moment of your life!”

Poster created for the Celebration of July Exhibition at the London College of Communication, showing until Friday August 28th!



3 responses to “JUST PICK YOURSELF UP!

  1. energiaradiante

    wow, parabens! a type ta linda!
    diz q a LCC é bue fixe, á uns meses ainda pensei ir pra la tirar mestrado, mas acabei por desistir da ideia..

  2. foste tu?? adorei!!!! 🙂

  3. ciganooooo

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