Bubbles, where are you?


Ok, first of all, R.I.P. MJ, even if in my opinion you died in the late 90´s, this dude was just a really sad and disturbed shadow of the King…

but when i heard the news, the first thing that i thought was, what the didlio happened to MJ´s sidekick, BUBBLES the chimp…

apparently he was removed to an animal sanctuary over fears he may attack Jackson’s newborn son, Prince Michael II, some years ago.

Bubbles was a legend, always surronded with rumours, my favorite ones are these:

This story, reported in The National Enquirer, claimed that Jackson’s longtime rival Prince had used extrasensory perception to turn Bubbles crazy. “What kind of sicko would mess with a monkey?”, Jackson was reported to have said. “This is the final straw. Poor, poor Bubbles.”

Jackson and Bubbles accompanied each other on outings and talked together. The singer later taught the chimp how to moonwalk. Bubbles, who had an agent, was also rumoured to have his own bodyguard.

Bubbles, if you´re still alive, please come back…

Ps: R.I.P Farrah Fawcett, it´s really unfortunate to die the same day of the king of pop, but i remembered you…


6 responses to “Bubbles, where are you?

  1. Absolutamente, uma pessoa pode morrer várias vezes antes de “realmente” morrer…
    Nem me lembrei do Bubbles. Penso é: será agora que vamos ver as caras dos filhos dele?

    Esta onde de consternação por uma pessoa nitidamente afectada (JACKO WACKO) que, sem dúvida nenhuma foi o rei da pop, mas foi rei há muito muito muito muito tempo, incomoda-me!

  2. “Today, Bubbles is said to be living at a ranch in Sylmar, California.[26] “Bubbles is an adult chimp and a wild animal,” animal trainer Bob Dunn stated. “We don’t let him out to play.”[26] Jackson and his children visit the chimp, and also play with the other animals.[26] “He still acts like a kid around them,” Dunn added.”

    É o que sei sobre o Bubbles!

  3. aaahhhhh!!!! Não sabia da farrah fawcett… essa era uma anjo de charlie das originais!!!! A LOIRA!!!!! isso é que é digno de se comentar… porque o outro morreu nos anos 90… para mim nos 80… mas isso é outra história… hihihihi

  4. Oh somos vizinhos então!! O melhor bairro para se viver, embora tenha que discordar, a Haggen Dazs tem os melhores gelados 😉 kiss*

  5. anda por aí muita gente zangada porque não se ligou nenhum à Farrah. É tudo muito triste, but the KING is dead (and then again he might just be alive and kickin’ with Elvis), and she was ‘just’ an angel…

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