Dear designer…


“Sometimes I wonder, then: given that everyone in design seems to more or less know everyone else, are we really having the kinds of meaningful, constructive, critical discourses that we really should be having? Are we too quick to take offense at the opinions of our peers? Or are we pulling our punches too much when discussing the merits of the work that our peers turn out? To put a finer point on it: are we being honest with one another?

The notion of speaking openly, honestly and objectively about work is inherent to learning how to be a better designer. That’s why every design school uses critiques as a core tool of teaching design. Critiques conducted amongst peers, people you know, people that you have to see again the next day in class, that you have to build relationships with. If you’re learning design, then you’re giving and receiving criticism regularly. If you’re not engaging in constructive criticism, then you just aren’t learning about design. And yet, at some point when a designer achieves some modest level of notoriety or establishes some foundation of peers in the industry, the critiques stop. If you’re a practicing graphic designer of more than say five years, it’s a pretty good bet that no one outside of your design practice actively and regularly provides you with objective, rational and lucid feedback.”

Dear Designer, You Suck, by Khoi Vinh

today i fond this text and i really liked it, because i identified myself with this issues, i think every designer does…

Source: Swiss Miss


6 responses to “Dear designer…

  1. como aspirante a designer, concordo plenamente com tudo isto. e vou estar atenta deste lado também. 🙂

  2. Ainda fiz o paste do texto no mail geral p mandar ao ppl mas depois pensei que…enfim!
    Mas sim, tem td a ver put.
    É fácil haver um paralelismo entre o texto e o que vamos passando.
    É aquela história do “somos burros e não temos crédito até….”.
    Tenho andado às cambalhotas com um texto que anda mais ou menos à volta do mm tema =)


  3. Bem, designer não é a minha cena.
    (mas com o que eu percebo da minha área, podia ser… isso ou mecânica. ai! enough bout my sad life)

    mas acredito totalmente na parte da crítica construtiva. bom texto 😉

  4. i like that.

    (vaca com molho de ostras, no tornozelo, AUCH!)

  5. bom texto, tem ali algumas boas verdades.

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