Weird Villains Bike Crazy Crew!


the new “thing” is bike crews so i had to create one so i called it the “Weird Villains Bike Crazy Crew”!

the only members so far are, Skeleton, Freakish Bat Boy and myself!

unfortunately this amazing drawing is not a creation from me (i really wish it was) but i don´t know who made it…

the only thing that is missing is my bike (it was called Joaquim Clemente, but was stolen…)

oh, we are thinking of making some bad ass killer leather jackets iwth our logo on the back, so stay tuned for more info!

4 responses to “Weird Villains Bike Crazy Crew!

  1. fantastico por acaso já alguem fazia uns tenis do skeletor (airmax1,safari, adidasquorum,etc) o nome do pack podia se chamar “granda malha pack”.

  2. exchangeglances

    Skeletor head looks like Boney M,
    Shame your bike got stolen… Where did you park it Highway to hell?

  3. ahaha tb quero entrar no gang!!

  4. estou ligado!!!


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