Vals Im Bashir!










– What to do? what to do? why don´t you tell us what to do?

– Shoot!

– On who?

– How sould i know on who? just shoot!

– Isn´t it better to pray?

– Pray and shoot!

yesterday at the last time we decided to finally go see the acclaimed Animation by Ari Folman, Vals Im Bashir, so we ran to the cinema, got there in time to watch the last previews and then i got slapped in the face by a very powerfull and perfectly animated movie about the Sabra and Shatila massacres and how the memory of traumatised soldiers tricks them into confusing fake and true memories…

go see it!

4 responses to “Vals Im Bashir!

  1. gostava de ver isso, parece tar muito boa a animação

  2. tenho mesmo de ir ver este movie!!
    thanks pelos comentarios*

  3. Para mim o grande estalo vem no fim do filme…fiquei estarrecida e colada à cadeira…

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