yeah, the kid also tattooed graffiti writer Norm…


Graffiti is a no longer a big boys world…

just when i start thinking that graffiti is getting boring and nothing new happens, i discover Solveig, a 10 year old kid from Brighton, England!

She starting painting at 8 years old, now she appears on the cover of Graphotism Mag!

“i started painting graffiti a few years ago when i was eight, i saw a lot of graffiti around brighton where i live and i really liked it. i started watching different people doing paintings and i thought it would be cool to have a go.

i asked my dad if he could get me some cans and take me to a place where i could try it out. since then i have done around sixteen or seventeen paintings. (i am waiting for the pics of the earlier ones from a friend, then i will put them on here.)

i like to do graffiti to show adults that i can do it. i always sketch my ideas a few times in my blackbook that ren gave me, before i paint them on the wall. i love to make pieces that are as crazy as i can make them, i have no plans to stop so watch out for me..”

i wsh i started so young…

but at that age i wanted to be a football player, a magician and batman, all at the same time, so i was busy learning some kick ass skills…


4 responses to “SUPER SOL!

  1. Não mostraste o nome da crew dela as AGA aka. All Girls Allowed, esse nome é de génio!!

  2. 10 anos?!

    Tens-te conseguido mantar afastado da ps? Remember the 12 steps!!!!

  3. no puedo

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