Hello everybody!

today i introduce you to Typo/Graphic Posters website, a project created to become a good resource of graphic and typographic posters to serve all your research needs – either historical or inspirational.
Their  ideal is simple: feed and consume quality.

This projects features works by some of the most inspirational and inventive designers nowdays like Alex Trochut, Neville Brody, Stefan Locut, Playful,  OneRepeat and now it features my work too, so go check it out!

3 responses to “TYPO/GRAPHIC POSTERS!

  1. adoro esses posters cara dum sapo e alguem que me arranje a dif que eu não tenho e ainda nao vi a reportagem dammit.

  2. oh pah aquele filme..aliás, os dois =D

    kinda dig the porn font ahah

  3. Ahah nos somos tuff girls, n ha frio que nos impeça de por a perna de fora (lol…)

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